Spartan Story - VII

Description: Spartan wellness medical compounding division is being launched and essentially they've got five different types of compounds that they're offering. The first one is for joint pain and inflammation, the second one is for muscle and soft tissue pain, the third one being for neuropathic pain, the fourth one being for migraine pain and the fifth one being a muscle relaxant. They're available to every insured provider out there. These creams can be used by anyone suffering from acute pain or chronic pain. It could be the geriatric population suffering from osteoarthritis of the knees, the hips, the shoulders, essentially any body part and for which the joint pain and inflammation formulation would be working pretty accurately for them as well as anyone a younger generation a neuropathic pain someone that's got nerve issues nerve damage the neuropathy content might assist them. So age isn't the question here, it's about pain acute pain versus chronic pain.

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