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Virtual Consultations Are Conducted Through A Private Call With A Healthcare Practitioner. Book Your Free Consultation Today!

Book a free virtual consultation with a healthcare practitioner in Canada in our Spartan Wellness Virtual clinic.
During your consultation, legally obtain or update your medical cannabis prescription with your healthcare practitioner.
Browse hundreds of Medical Cannabis products in our Marketplace and order online. Your order is mailed straight to your location.

Book a Free Consultation In Our Spartan Wellness Virtual clinic

At Spartan Wellness, all of our medical practitioners are legally entitled to give you a medical Cannabis prescription in Canada. Along with giving you a prescription, they assist you with the correct selection of Medical Cannabis products based on our licensed holder selection. During the consultation, they provide the proper education about Medical Cannabis throughout the entire consultation. All virtual consultations are free of charge and require no fees or upfront costs.

Find out if Medical Cannabis is right for you. Book a FREE virtual consultation with a Spartan Wellness medical practitioner now.

All virtual consultations are conducted by phone or your computer from the comfort of your home.


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